shurjoMukhi’s iPhone team has a long history of building iPhone apps for its offshore clients. It also has quite a few iPhone apps in Business category all of which are available on iTunes store under elance, odesk or fiverr clients. These apps are described below in brief with their links on iTunes. The apps built for offshore clients are not enlisted here on clients’ request.


Have you ever wished you could give feedback to the business owner without jumping though all the hoops?

My2Cents incorporates feedback into the customer experience. Customers can now communicate their feedback to businesses directly from their mobile device quickly while still at a business location.

Most feedback solutions today are flawed. Details of an experience may be forgotten by the time the customer finds the time to submit feedback at home. Another discouraging aspect to most feedback solutions, even when incentives are offered, is long phone or internet surveying.

There are only 3 quick steps to using My2Cents. Enter the business code displayed at the location, enter feedback, press submit. As a feature on the app, customers can view responses from businesses where they have submitted their 2 cents previously.

Businesses are able to collect real-time feedback from customers through My2Cents and respond directly to the customer. It provides the opportunity to manage their customer’s experience by having the ability to view customer feedback remotely on their computer or mobile device and respond accordingly. Once employees are aware that their employer uses My2cents as a feedback tool, they will be motivated to perform at all times.