shurjoPay Online Payment Gateway

With increasing awareness of e-commerce opportunities in Bangladesh, a lot of young entrepreneurs are developing website that requires payment gateways. Most of these entrepreneurs cannot afford to acquire a payment gateway and in some cases cannot justify the cost for a small startup business. By developing a secured payment gateway, shurjoPay TM intends to bridge the gap by acquiring the payment terminal, and making it available to these websites (merchants) at an affordable cost. This implies the following: * shurjoPay TM will provide access to a payment gateway that accepts card payments (such as, MasterCard, VISA, DBBL Nexus, Q-cash) and mobile wallet payments (bKash, DBBL M-Wallet) for merchants. * shurjoPayTM will collect money on behalf of merchants.ssss * shurjoPayTM will maintain transparent accounts for each merchant using our payment gateway.
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