ShurjoRajjoTM is a Web platform for the Creative Community to hang out on the Internet, display their products irrespective of whether it’s digital or brick-and-mortar – and sell them online to the buyers of the world. The space on shurjoRajjoTM is a mixture of social and commercial expressions and opportunities. You need to be a registered user of shurjoRajjoTM to take up a space on it. Opening an account is absolutely free for now. The revenue from a sale of your original work is shared on a 75/25 basis for Soft or Downloadable Products such as Audio Works, Design and Illustration, Digital Photography, Literary Works, Mobile Apps, Software, Videography and 92.5/7.5 basis for Deliverable Products such as Books & Magazines, Computers & Networks, Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, Jobs & Courses, Mobile Phones, Musical Instruments, Visual Arts and Crafts. In addition to providing you the space on shurjoRajjoTM for free, shurjoRajjoTM looks after all the security, commercial and marketing sides related to the platform. Pay a visit at for more or call us- Phone: +88 02 988 7202 Mobile: +88 018 4019 7207.